today is sunday.
yet i'm hangin alone in my room. living alone is sucks, especially if you live in a jungle. especially when you've got nothing to do and just too lazy to go out to the gym or et cetera.
so what I've just done today? i transferred a few of my photos in my old blackberry. and look what i found!

Eating Foie Gras in The Wind Chime
you know that people loves remembering moments when they were alone? I thought so, because I just did. seeing this photo makes me missing moments when I'm dating during college. You've got someone who accompanied you during your laziness (really I just hang out in his room without anything to do and I just did, like, youtube-ing, open any web, watching any movies/series, talking, snacking), eat together every breakfast/ lunch/ dinner time, go out, randomly trying new things, eating in new places, everything.

the photo above shows one random things we did. we wanted to try foie gras that day, which we knew is pricey, a lot. they said a portion cost like 150k or something. and he said he will paid for us (a portion for two of course, since he just got money from winning 1st place in Petrobowl). soo we went to The Wind Chime, got the menu and shocked.
A portion will cost 300k! hahaha so we ordered one portion and he could only pay 200k so I paid for 100k. we act like nothing is wrong during our time in that restaurant just like people that can afford it easily.yeah even though the waiter asked us two times about the beverages which i forget if we ordered one or not at all. walking here and there to read the article hanging on the wall about how famous this restaurant internationally. Yet we, two college students (which infamous with the poorness) were eating it. *kalo kata orang, anak kosan banyak gaya :p



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