enjoy while it lasts

life could change so fast and dramatic. so does your habit.
Last night I spend my time reading my own blog, I actually kind of like stalking myself, either it is on path, instagram, or facebook (and typing my name on Google, which I believe everyone should have done it at least once). And now I stalk my own blog.

As you may see in this blog, there was a time where I really get crazy with Korean. I just loved watching all korean boyband, k-drama, and variety shows. Not to say that I hate them now, but I'm just not really following them, except running man (who wouldn't?). And in fact, now I've watched plenty of series. Who changed me? I guess it's my BF who introduced me with HIMYM. And then Modern Family. And then Dexter. And then Breaking Bad. And then Game of Thrones. And then? I travel my self with 2 Broke Girls, Sherlock Holmes, White Collar, Girls, etc :p

When I read my blog, I also realized when and why am I exactly stop writing. The answer is, I enjoyed my life so much. I didn't spend my time in my room anymore. I went hang out with my friend. I spend my after college time in my BF's room with all my groups, and only come home to sleep and take a bath. That's exactly how people spend their college time.

July, 2013

It's too shame that til now we haven't take a photo together without any member missing in our legendary room. Anywhere, even anywhere. And now we're all apart and have to walk in our new life. It's punch me on the heart when I read @yeahmahasiswa's timeline about how we'll miss our friend in our next step of life.

for the complete version you can find it here:

update: found several photos in my hard disk

left to right
yuda - gw- boy - dana

left to right
pinem -gw -boy - rino - mike

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