bon 8ppetit is an event where we invite the himpunan to join our cooking competion which the judge is FARAH QUINN.

this event have a media partner with  and pikiran rakyat.
here is the article which posted in brdc.

Bon8ppetit : Bite the Beat and Smell the Sound

 Who doesn’t love culinary trip? Pampering your appetite with amazing delicacies, from snacks to main courses, always been a great pleasure. This is what encouraged us to stop by to 10th Ganesha Street of Bandung, last Friday (10/1). A delightful event was held here, with the tagline “Bite the beat, smell the sound”. First thing across our mind was “good food + good music = good day”.

Gloomy sky written all over the day, but everybody (including us, BRDC) seemed so excited to explore the culinary stands spreading around the venue. The event itself started since 10 AM, and as the time flew, more and more people were coming to the area, around ITB Basketball Court. Many food stalls were available, tempting to get munched right away. Fried sausages, risoles, hot dog, kebab, satay and other yummy dishes just made our day, wandering from stall to stall, have a taste on every single of them.

But, one unique stand just caught our eyes. It is the traditional snack stall, designed so simple, yet it brought out our curiosity to take a look further to it. The snacks were put inside a plate made of coconut tree’s sticks (lidi). Want to know how much the snacks cost? Antique money was there to tell you the numbers. This stall was the “hot stand” of the event, proven with so many visitors were coming to take a picture of it or buying the snacks sold in here.

The spotlight went to this special lady. Her name is Farah Quinn. She is the bomb, a talented cook with a super model figure. She was here to give a cooking demo. Those skillful hands showed a simple dish made in such an interesting way. Wow, can’t wait to practice that at our home! She also became the judge for the cooking contest, with several student unions as the participants. The crowd went crazy when she’s around.

Even though rain had its chance to say hello during the event, but the catchy tunes from best bands of the campus has hold our steps to the exit. Hats off for 8EH Radio of ITB, for throwing this awesome gigs! (CS)

 thanks to brdc for made such a great article :)



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