hell-o a-gain

heyhoo buddies finally i have a time between all the tasks and taplok's stuff et cetera.

in this time, i think i'll try to write in english in order to make my english better. well in the future i need to speak english in everytime since i will work out there in petroleum industry.

hmm actually i want to share somethin with you guys about my major, petroleum engineering. after i graduate from petroleum engineering, i'll be in petroleum industry, and if i work in petroleum industry i'll be a member of SPE. what is SPE? it's Society of Petroleum Engineers.

but for student like me, i can't join SPE yet. but i can join SPESC, Society of Petroleum Engineers Student Chapter. there are 5 SPESC in Indonesia, it's SPESC-ITB, UI, UGM, oops i forget the other two sorry :)

in SPESC, you'll teach how to be a professional petro-engineers. you'll be teach how to make a good paper, you'll practice your english, you'll participate in field trip, et cetera.

hahahaa actually i've just given this information yesterday from my senior and i found it interesting. so if you guys wanna know more, you can open


best regards,

happy fasting guys :)

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  1. hi karlita. klo mau daftar spe juga bisa ko, ntar bakal dikasih kartu member secara gratis (khusus mahasiswa tentunya). cara daptarnya udah saya tulis 2,5 tahun yang lalu. dapat dilihat di link



  2. just stumbled upon ur blog....you can join spe and its free of cost
    all you need to do is go the the website and register.
    You might have to establish a student chapter in your university first though if you dont have one